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Canvas Commander icon 3D graphics tool for modeling and stereoscopic imaging

Canvas Commander is an easy-to-use designer tool: just a few commands in a script file can show 3D obects and/or image files with or without anaglyph effects.

Therefore it is useful for artists, scientists or engineers who want to produce 3D images, without being tired of mouse-clicking on other graphics tools. Take left and right photos by your digital camera into files.

Then Canvas Commander composes and displays the anaglyph (stereogram) of them, which can make you feel 3D reality when viewed by 2-color glasses (red for the left, cyan for the right eye generally). The colors for anaglyph can be changed by a command.

Want to easily model molecules or machines? You don't have to purchase an expensive graphic tool and spend much time in working on it feeling tired of mouse-clickings. Canvas Commander can generate planes and curved surfaces (all or parts of a sphere, cylinder or torus, for example) by several commands.

Furthermore Canvas Commander also can take two "photos" in the 3D virtual space to show you those model in the anaglyphing way, which is useful when you need to know which objects are far from or closer to you than others.

System requirements

Stereoscopic image 3D model Create 3D model Stereoscopic Anaglyph 3D Model

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