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Auto3D icon Auto3D is a little software application that allows you to convert any supported picture into a red-blue Anaglyph

Auto3D is a little software application that allows you to convert any supported picture into a red-blue Anaglyph.

Auto3D is a simple Anaglyph creation tool (Formerly RHS2D23D) that will automatically convert a 2D image into an Anaglyph with up to 5 depth levels based on the images visual elements.

Auto3D is automatic - all you do is select the image to convert.

Make sure you save the Anaglyph with a different name from the original image.

The Added Depth option lets you add more depth to the Anaglyph. Use the Grain tool to alter the seperation points where the depths meet (Grain tool is a menu item).

Some images will work much better than others with this process. There is no resize so do not try images larger than your screen, but images that arn't small - over 300x300 - can look nice

Using Smere, Warp, and Added Depth can create better Anaglyphs, but it takes longer to process

Use the grain tool to adjust depths to match picture historgam. The histogram will be available after you make an anaglyph.

You have the option of selecting the depth cue.

The Cues:

■ RGB a general purpose cue giving ok results in most cases

■ UTI a cue based on visual percption

■ Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Magenta are color cues

■ Luminosity a brightness cue

■ Saturation a color strength cue

You have the option of selecting a smoothing blur


■ None no blur

■ Smere an averaging blur

■ Blur the standard blur

■ Median a median blur

■ Mean a mean blur

■ Max a discrete step blur

You have the option of sellecting to warp for further smoothness:

■ Warp ranges from 1 to 100 - a subtle smoothing process

■ Add Depth ranges from -12 to 12 - allows you to add more depth to an image - a bad setting can tear an image apart

■ Set Warp and Shift allows you to set your own values for warp and shift.

Default Warp value = 24. Warp is off by default

Default Shift value = 6. Shift is off by default

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