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AnaBuilder icon AnaBuilder - program for the creation of stereoscopic photographs

AnaBuilder is a freeware software for the creation of stereoscopic photographs (anaglyph, parallel, crossed, ... anaglyphs are viewed through Red/Cyan glasses).

AnaBuilder provides integration with the 3D modeler Art Of Illusion.It enables a 'live' stereo adjustment of a virtual pair of cameras in the 3D scene (with anaglyph glasses) before running the (heavy) final render. Then, the final pair may be reloaded in AnaBuilder to make anaglyph color corrections or to be used with other means of stereo viewing.

It is also possible to use AoI to make 3D stereo brushes, and to paint with them in AnaBuilder. AnaBuilder offers an integration with the stereoscope viewer. It enables views as cross-eyed, parallel, KMQ, mirror, or shutter glasses (Elsa Revelator, H3D, D4D)....

Here are some key features of "AnaBuilder":

■Offers a 2D->3D->Stereo conversion tool. AnaBuilder (old Windows version) also allows stereo-morphing to convert a 2D photo into a 3D photo, or to modify the depht of an existing 3D photo.

■Makes it possible to touch up the photographs in 3d, or to draw in 3d.

■AnaBuilder offers a bracketing merger : 2 methods (the second one is not yet explained, but is much more intuitive and easy to use than the first one), a noise reduction tool, a local diff corrector for brightness or white balance, and a corrector of color histogram differences.

■Offers a users image forum.

■Offers a phantogram builder

■ AnaBuilder enables to generate slideshow that can be viewed with the stereo image browser StereoBee.

■ AnaBuilder uses the Look&Feels.

Phantogram builder 2D-3D Stereoscope view Builder 2D 3D Stereoscope

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